We serve the community by research, outreach and rebuilding.

Our mission is to disrupt sex trade activities and fight to end the trafficking of humans by empowering our community with the proper tools to achieve wellness and awareness through rescuing as well as education.   



Fight for victims. Protect survivors. Raise awareness.




Bringing serious issues to the attention of the community. Circumstances can easily cause vulnerabilities and difficulties with daily responsibilities.  As long as I have a voice , I will speak about my life experiences, I will advocate to save and rebuild the lives of others, I will no longer be silenced by fear or shame.

Believing makes it possible
Faith makes it real
— Rosalind Metcalf

The Biggest Exhale I've Ever Experienced

When I first started to write, it was for the healing of my body. My objective for sharing my most intimate words with the world is for: preventative measures, educational purposes and to touch the heart of someone that has yet to exhale.